Authorship criteria and best practices in authorship conflicts

This discussion hub aims to develop and publish preferably cross-disciplinary, if necessary discipline-specific, guidelines for authorship criteria and guidelines on dealing with authorship conflicts in academia. Supplementing and specifying the standards for good research practice set out in the DFG Code of Conduct, the guidelines will be designed to support researchers in matters of research integrity and to foster a culture of research integrity.

This project mainly focuses on:

  • the specification of authorship criteria in different disciplines
  • best practices for avoiding and resolving authorship conflicts
  • tensions between early agreements regarding authorship and the dynamic nature of research projects
  • analysing the issue of honorary authorships and how to avoid and possibly sanction them

Inviting various experts such as stakeholders of research societies, universities, independent research institutions as well as representatives of the DFG, experts in the field of law, local ombudspersons and other experts for good scientific practice to interviews and panel discussions, this discussion hub aims to develop improved guidelines, which will help to clarify matters in the field of authorship.

Dr. Nele Reeg

Project Coordination

Tel. +49 (0)30 20370 259

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