24.January 2023

Dealing with research data

The discussion hub on dealing with research data addresses central disputes and difficulties, which frequently lead to conflicts in academia. The hub’s goal is publish various resources such as discourse contributions, case studies or surveys, with a special focus on developing (realistic) guidelines. Covering frequent “data conflicts” as well specifics from different disciplines, these guidelines are supposed to complement and … Read More

21.August 2020

Dealing with research data

Research Academic associate at the German Research Ombudsman since 2020. She worked at Humboldt-University of Berlin as well as the King’s College London, completing a Joint PhD in English and Gender Studies, focusing on the interdependencies between right-wing ideology and English literature. After obtaining her degree, she was employed at the Center for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies, where she was doing … Read More

23.November 2018

Kooperationen und Gewährung von Datenzugang

plagiate_detektion_anwalt_beratung_ombudsman für die wissenschaft

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Der Ombudsman geht der Frage nach, welche Ursachen Konflikten um die Gewährung von Datenzugang bei Kooperationen zugrunde liegen können.

29.September 2018

Literature on Data Usage

Hier finden Sie Hinweise und Artikel zum fairen und GWP-konformen Datenmanagement.