Discussion Hubs to Foster Research Integrity

Discussion Hubs to Foster Research Integrity

With this project, we aim to develop and publish guidelines supplementary to the standards of good research practice formulated in the DFG Code of Conduct.

The project addresses questions in three areas, which are often sites of contention and are further subject to change through ongoing digital transformations.

Rather than developing a new set of standards, the project’s core aim is to translate the existing standards stated in the DFG Code of Conduct into operable guidelines. These will take into account the specifics of the various academic disciplines and, where possible, provide guidance across disciplines.



Project coordination: Dr. Barbara Hendriks

The discussion hub team is supported by Sophia May, M.A. and their student assistant Tajem Michalik. Jonas Höfting, Master's student at the Institute of Library and Information Science (IBI) at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, is currently completing an internship in the Discussion Hubs project. His tasks include analysing the research integrity landscape in German academia as well as developing a classification system of the project's literature catalogue.

In the first phase, interviews with experts and researchers from specific disciplines will be organised, followed by cross-disciplinary discussion panels as the project advances. The insights thus gained will then be used to develop guidelines tailored to each area that the project addresses. Finally, they will be made accessible and, among others, published as part of an online platform complementary to the DFG Code of Conduct. You can find an overview of publications, talks and workshops of the discussion hub team here.

Contact the Discussion Hubs

Our main concern is to facilitate dialogues on the three key subjects "Authorships", "Research Data" and "Plagarism". If you want to get in touch with us to talk about persistent or recent problems in these areas, share ideas and experiences or book us for a workshop or similar event, you can contact us individually or the team as a whole using the contact details below. We are looking forward to starting a conversation on all things related to research integrity with you!

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