24.January 2023

Dealing with research data

The discussion hub focuses on how to deal with research data, addressing central disputes and difficulties, which frequently lead to conflicts in academia. This “conflict-centered vantage point” perspective of conflict serves as the starting point to expand and explicate existing guidelines. The hub’s goal is to formulate and publish various, differentiated articles such as discourse contributions, case studies or polls, … Read More

24.January 2023

Dealing with Authorship Conflicts

This discussion hub focuses on how to handle the central questions that frequently arise between researchers in allocating authorship. Different outputs of the discussion hub such as discussion papers, surveys or case studies are intended to not only contribute to the relevant discourses, but also to further the development of helpful guidelines. If required, discipline-specific particularities will also be taken … Read More

24.January 2023

Dealing with plagiarism in academia

This discussion hub focuses on plagiarism in academic research. Complex and controversial questions are looked at and discussed in different ways. A central aspect of the project is connecting with experts on the topic. The hub considers itself to be a part of the discourse concerning the diverse phenomenon of plagiarism in academia. The project’s contributions may vary both in … Read More

18.January 2023

Publikationen der Dialogforen

book lot on shelf

Hier finden Sie eine Übersicht über die Publikationen der wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter:innen des Dialogforen-Projekts.

17.January 2023

RIPE: Neues Research Integrity-Journal von ENRIO

multicolored marble tiles

ENRIO ist Herausgeber des neuen Journals “Research Integrity Practice in Europe” (RIPE), ein europäisches Open Access-Journal zum Thema “Research Integrity”, das kurze, praxisorientierte Artikel publiziert.

13.January 2023

Tagung zum Umgang mit Konflikten in der Wissenschaft

black chairs on white floor

Vom 16 – 17. März 2023 findet in Wuppertal die Tagung “Governance in Wissenschaftsorganisationen – Konstruktiver Umgang mit Konflikten und Vorwürfen” statt. Auch der Ombudsman für die Wissenschaft und die DFG wirken im Programm mit.

2.January 2023

DVPW-Tagung „Politik und Profession“ im Februar 2023

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Am 21./22.02.23 findet eine wissenschaftspolitische Tagung an der FU Berlin statt. Dr. Felix Hagenström von den Ombudsman-Dialogforen wird als Experte an der Diskussionsrunde zu „Ethik (in) der Politikwissenschaft“ teilnehmen.