Dealing with Plagiarism in Academia

This discussion hub aims to develop and publish (preferably cross-disciplinary) guidelines on the issue of dealing with plagiarism in academia. Supplementing and specifying the standards for good research practice set out in the DFG Code of Conduct, the guidelines will be designed to support researchers in matters of research integrity and to foster a culture of research integrity in general.

The main foci of this project are:

  • criteria for evaluating plagiarism in publications;
  • strategies to address the lack of uniformity and transparency in the practice of rescinding university degrees;
  • the role of whistle-blowers;
  • tracing cases of research misconduct

Interviewing various experts on these questions – e.g. members of university committees investigating suspected plagiarism cases, members of research societies, library professionals and law experts who specialise in copyright and related areas such as data protection legislation – and bringing them together for discussion, this project intends to develop improved guidelines on how to deal with plagiarism.

Dr. Felix Hagenström


Tel. +49 (0)30 20370 259

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