Eric Steinhauer is the new spokesman for the Ombudsman Committee

Since May 27th, 2021, Prof. Dr. Eric Steinhauer has been the new member and spokesman of the Ombuds Committee for scientific integrity in Germany. Upon taking office, Prof. Steinhauer replaced Prof. Dr. Stephan Rixen (University of Cologne) as a member and spokesperson of the Ombudsman Committee – after familiarizing himself with the position. Prof. Rixen had been a member of the ombudsman committee since May 2015 and served as its spokesperson from June 27th, 2016.

Prof. Dr. Eric Steinhauer is a law and library scientist and currently heads the university library at the FernUniversität in Hagen. He teaches at various academic institutions (including Humboldt University Berlin) on library and copyright law issues and researches topics of academic copyright law as well as legal issues of memory institutions and academic work practices in the digital transformation. Prof. Steinhauer has been active in the field of GWP for quite some time. Among other things, he chaired the subcommittee “Data, Publications, Digital Transformation” in 2018/2019 as part of the revision of the memorandum “Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice” and the Rules of Procedure of the German Research Foundation for dealing with scientific misconduct.

More information on Prof. Steinhauer’s diverse activities and publication can be found on his website

Information on other members of the Ombudsman Board can be found here.

Photo by Dirk Matull.